it messed up B(

lets try this again


Artist: oki

Tbh id get a pokemon tattoo of my first poketeam

I go on animal crossing for the first time in like a month and im fearing the worst…like one of my ruby quest babes moved out..BUT INSTEAD victoria FINALLY left AND I GOT MARSHAL TO MOVE IN I’m happy


Made some more auctionables! The last one is mine though.
Check them out!





I was super excited to collab with Tobi because his art is AWESOME and this was one of two final pieces we did for class!! I wanted to make a process gif for it because we did it in stages.

Pink ghosts were me, then the light purple were Tobi, then the darker purple were me, then the final blue ghosts were Tobi!! We just swapped the file back and forth.

This was really fun. I wanna make it into a tiled pattern.

This was tons of fun, you should go follow max, they don’t have a ton of things up yet, but their art is super rad!

!!!!!! LOOK AT THIS COOL THING WE DID!!!!!! FOLLOW TOBI BECAUSE HIS WORK IS AWESOME!!!! also i have a new art blog for mostly school things!!!! ART


Corpus F. Christi


blue haired boy to purple ??