A little project I made for my portfolio about plants/gardens in temporary places. 


favorite fursuiters (in no particular order) | step

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HOO WEE i cant believe someone made this shit for me!!!!!! these are all sick AF gifs, thx for makin suck a rad rep of me <3 <3 <3


The newest addition to the LGF family!

Features removable digi padding, and a zipper + extra padding in the head to allow the wearer to have glasses!

**Model shown is slightly smaller than commissioner!

New commissions opening July 29th!

workin on making a blog with everyones demon babes ill post a link to it when its ready uvu


shotakun!demon /uglysobbingbecauseoftoomuchmemeandwillsmithuse


luv makin ocs w/o shirts

awful quality picture of pazs ref sheet ;w;

ill scan it tomorrow probably